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There is a growing group of physicians and health practitioners who see the future; they are committed to increasing healthspan not just lifespan. The old medical paradigm is disease surveillance – waiting for someone to get sick and then providing expensive, often ineffective care. There is a better way; monitor and enhance your wellness and vitality. The greatest transformation in human history will be the healthy longevity industry. The Humanity Upgrade MD (HUMD) mission is to provide the innovative products and information that will support your unique healthy longevity journey. Our platform offers a megaphone to the “integrative” practitioners that are leading the way to exceptional wellness and vitality. This pursuit has never been more important due to some new and disturbing challenges.

“Toxicity in the Digital Age” – this is a looming health crisis. Despite all of our technological and medical advances, for the first time in 100 years, life expectancy in America is decreasing and has done so three years in a row! This is an alarming trend. Our modern world is toxic. We are consuming massive amounts of high calorie, low quality processed foods while cancer and diabetes rates skyrocket. Rapid progress is causing unprecedented levels of stress. Technology has brought us a new and ominous threat: toxic electrical energies. These direct cellular toxins are not filtered by the body’s natural defenses. HUMD is committed to reversing this alarming trend with our world-class educational platform and by bringing you the finest products, thought leaders and events.

RDT Media and Events Inc., our parent company, will host HUMD conferences where you can meet and interact with other health conscious individuals from around the world. Our robust group of thought leaders will lecture on the most exciting and innovative progress in the healthy longevity field. There will be power panels where industry icons will debate controversial topics that affect your daily health decisions. You can ask tough questions and get straight answers. If you are unable to attend in person, these events will be brought to you live on the web and hosted on our site for your convenience.

This is the greatest time to be alive. In the last 80 years we have experienced astonishing progress; the industrial age, the nuclear age, the computer age, the information age and now we are in the age of transformation. Every epic transformation in human history has provided amazing advantages and significant unforeseen challenges. We are committed to helping you transcend these challenges so you, your family and friends can enjoy this amazing progress. Welcome the HUMD community.