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When Fatigue is More than Just Feeling Tired

by Dr. Maya Sarkisyan

When Fatigue is More than Just Feeling Tired

Adrenal/Chronic fatigue is an ambiguous and widespread definition of chronic exhaustion. In medical terms, or if you talk to an MD, it means an Addison disease – a disease of the kidneys. Most people don’t have it, however, they have many other indicators that their adrenal glands are being exhausted from continuous cortisol production due to chronic emotional and physical stress. So, it is better to call it chronic fatigue and actually identify what is happening with you, individually, which puts you in the state of complete exhaustion, not just simply feeling tired.


There are many causes for you to feel this way. And you might have been experiencing fatigue for quite some time, which makes it “chronic.” The start points for different people are different. You might or might not remember when it started, or perhaps it started then you fought it off, and then it started again and nothing you did to alleviate it helped.

Chronic fatigue has many causes. It means your body or mind started fighting something and did not stop. It takes a lot of energy and resources to do it, and if it is happening longer than the periods of restoration – the chronic exhaustion of inner resources will inevitably follow.

Your whole being is a balance between accumulation and depletion of resources.

Your chemical balance is what keeps your body healthy, and mental stability is what keeps your mind in peace. You generally know when you are not in balance.


When this absence of balance is not recognized, the cause of it is not discovered and addressed. And when the balance is not restored in time, the disbalance will become chronic, and your body will keep fighting to function properly in the presence of it.

Your body’s primary survival function is not to keep you feeling awesome (unfortunately) but, rather, to keep you alive at all costs. This is why when you have a short term stress it will temporarily slow down all the vital functions such as digestion, reproduction, immune system, and activate blood flow into your heart, lungs, and muscles, and will give you a sharp focus – in other words an “adrenal rush” – to get you out of danger zone. But in some cases, the immediate danger is not resolved, so that stress response becomes chronic. All your systems keep being suppressed except the brain-adrenal response which depletes your innate ability to be in balance.

There are physical causes of the beginning of chronic fatigue such as:
  • An invasive virus such as Epstein Barr, various strains of Herpes, cytomegalovirus, etc.
  • Parasites
  • Mold exposure
  • Chronic Candida
  • Heavy metals
  • Environmental Toxins Oxalate tissue deposits
  • Excessive blood loss caused by childbirth or other trauma
  • Postpartum hormonal imbalance
  • And others…
And emotional (transferring to physical) causes:
  • Giving a lot to others without receiving back, or receiving very little
  • A prolonged traumatic event such as divorce, abusive partner, long term conflict
  • Sexual abuse/rape
  • Emotional abuse
  • Living with a narcissistic partner/parent/child
  • Feeling defeated in something you are really trying to achieve for a long time
  • Toxic and negative beliefs about yourself and/or others
  • Toxic and negative people around you
  • Dealing with “energetic vampires”
  • Unrequited love
  • Unreciprocated emotions
  • Suppressing emotions
  • Living in fear
  • And others…

Chronic fatigue is a complex condition, this is why there are no drugs to resolve it.

It includes multiple body systems, and it covers your mental and emotional state at the same time. It’s complicated because it took some time to develop, and your body was fighting on different fronts at the same time depleting different resources.

It is essential to find a cause or causes of chronic fatigue to find a root cause of everything that is happening at this moment. It will give much better chances of feeling better faster, and in some cases recovering from it.

The recovery greatly depends on how long and what body systems were affected, and on your willingness to do everything it takes to heal. Remember, it is not only your body, but it is also your mental and emotional state that needs to be modified for better success.

I understand that when you are always fatigued, it might be hard to even think about the change, just how to survive another day. It is your subconscious mind speaking because it has a primary function to keep you alive for the most prolonged time. It doesn’t care about your thriving, so you have to tell your subconscious mind that there are better ways for it to keep you alive – by helping you thrive and be happy.

And this, my friend,  is what we are going to concentrate on: On getting you happy and healthy.

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