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Is Your Body Suffering from Digital-Age Toxicity?

by Dr. Steven Cangiano

Is Your Body Suffering from Digital-Age Toxicity?

Do you have Memory Loss? Lack Stamina? Depression? Frequent Headaches? Fertility Issues?

In A Looming Health Crisis, we explored the documented health effects of the invisible, digital age, manmade toxic energies that surround us. Of great concern is that the source of these “digital toxins” is exponentially increasing. These digital toxins are caused by the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by most of our modern technology, including cell phones, smart devices, Wi-Fi, smart meters, cell towers, Blue-Tooth, monitoring equipment, cars, and many more.

These digital toxins surround us and pervade every part of our modern lives. An overwhelming body of scientific evidence is directing us toward some dire predictions and dangerous outcomes. The following is a brief summary of the top five most serious effects. These are of great concern because they eventually become irreversible and have existential implications.

  1. Reproductive effectsSperm counts are down by more than 50% in technologically advanced countries worldwide. Singapore had a 31% drop in its birth rate from 2016 to 2017. This has never happened in modern history outside of war, financial collapse or famine. Sperm counts are sensitive to many environmental factors, including smoking, alcohol, toxins, etc. There are also multiple animal studies that have shown irreversible effects on fertility due to digital toxins.
  2. Neurologic and psychiatric effects: There are 25 peer-reviewed studies detailing the effects of digital toxins on the central nervous system. These include insomnia, fatigue, depression, headache, lack of concentration, anxiety, stress, and memory loss.
  3. DNA damage: Digital toxins cause three types of cellular DNA damage. These changes to your DNA cause cancer and germline (reproductive cell) mutations. Twenty-one studies document these effects. Thirteen studies have shown that toxic energies lead to premature cell death, also known as apoptosis. This phenomenon has deleterious effects on both the reproductive and nervous system. A German study showed that 24 hours of cell phone use had the same impact on your DNA as 1,600 chest x-rays.
  4. Cardiac effects: The heart is a complex electrical system. Digital toxins cause arrhythmias. Initial exposure can cause a rapid heartbeat (tachycardia), while long-term exposure will slow the heart down (bradycardia).
  5. Dementias: Digital toxins cause leaks in your blood-brain barrier. Alzheimer’s, as well as other dementias including early-onset dementias, have been linked to digital toxins.

There are indications of a sixth serious and irreversible effect of digital toxins; autism. Research at Yale University has shown that late prenatal and early postnatal exposure of digital toxins on laboratory animals causes syndromes analogous to ADHD and autism in humans. Autism has increased a staggering 3% per year since 1997. The causes of this should be rigorously studied. The implications are worrisome.

 Digital Toxins Cause Damage and Disease on a Cellular Level

As early as 1971, naval research indicated that digital toxins had an influence on the body, but researchers were unsure of exactly how. Not until 2012 was the mechanism of these devastating effects finally discovered. In his award-winning paper, published in 2013, Dr. Martin Pall outlines how low-energy electric fields can have a dramatic effect on the human body. There are high concentrations of very delicate voltage sensors in two very important areas of the body; the brain and the heart. These voltage sensors maintain the delicate balance between calcium concentrations inside and outside the cells. The concentrations outside should be 10-20,000 times higher. When a voltage sensor is activated, one million calcium ions enter the cell per second. When this balance is constantly disturbed, chronic disease and DNA mutations develop. Dr. Pall further details a three-phase amplification process that illustrates why weak electromagnetic fields have such a devastating effect.

The heart and the nervous system are most susceptible because these two organs are very electrically active. Digital toxins overstimulate these voltage sensors and force excess amounts of calcium into the cell. This is extremely toxic and causes excessive intracellular oxidation (some oxidation is normal).

Oxidation and inflammation are the basis for all chronic diseases. This is why toxic energies are so dangerous. They constantly pump calcium into your cells. The internal components of your cells and the cellular DNA are being constantly assaulted by these toxins.  With constant exposure, toxins build up in the cells. Fortunately, recent Nobel Prize-winning research has discovered a way to counteract this health hazard (see below).

Eliminating Digital Toxins is Impossible

Elimination of these toxic energies offers a unique challenge. Most toxic substances, once identified, can be removed from our environment; cigarette smoke, asbestos, pesticides, preservatives, etc. In technologically advanced societies, we are surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies. This will exponentially increase with the advent of autonomous vehicles and the 5G networks that are necessary to support them.

Unless you disconnect completely, you will not be able to avoid these toxic effects. There are many ways to limit exposure, but, unlike smoking, you can’t quit. It is important to reasonably limit exposure and reverse the damage on a cellular level.

Digital Detox: Protecting Yourself

Digital Detox is repurposing a proven method of revitalizing the body at a cellular and organ level. Modern society keeps these pathways shut-off with preservatives, fat, and sugar-laden foods that make us sick, tired, and obese.

Digital Toxins could soon become the major source of chronic disease, surpassing all other current factorsThese are bold statements backed up by scientific facts. Even healthy people will need a digital detox on a regular basis to maintain their health.

Digital Detox offers a proven way to protect, revitalize and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level. This process promotes fat loss and conserves bone and muscle mass while activating stem cells. This is the greatest health and longevity innovation of this generation.

When organic, “stressed superfoods,” targeted minerals, and depleted vitamins are added to this special digital-detox protocol, you can defend against these new, insidious, pervasive, and dangerous toxins.

Basics of the Digital Detox:

1. Five days of calorie restriction, formulated in a specific way, creates a complete transformation of how your body functions on a cellular level. Sugar (glucose and glycogen) stores are depleted from the blood and organs after 24-48 hours. Your body then burns belly fat for fuel. This is a positive all by itself. However, inside the cells, we see the most important benefit. Without sugar, cells turn “junk” into fuel. The cell becomes energized, stronger, cleaner, and healthier by consuming its own toxins. This is not science fiction. Yoshinori Oshumi won the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine by identifying this process. It has a fancy clinical name; autophagy. Finally, stem cells are activated, and they regenerate or repair diseased tissue and organs. This is one of the greatest health breakthroughs in history.

2. Stressed superfoods – what are stressed superfoods? There is a proprietary, 100% organic growing process that stresses plants to make them healthier and more resilient. This stressing process expands the root structure and forces them to absorb nutrients at super-high concentrations. Soils are customized with specific nutrients and are 100% pathogen, pesticide, and herbicide-free. Plants want to survive, just like we do. This growing process creates robust superfoods that can be targeted for Digital Detox. Certain key nutrients that activate super antioxidants in the cell, called the “NERF 2” pathway (Nrf-2) are essential for Digital Detox. NERF 2 activates almost 200 genes that detoxify and protect the cell.

3. Voltage sensors are the mechanism of injury to the cell. Therefore, it is important that we naturally stabilize these sensors. This will help protect the cells by limiting the amount of toxic calcium that enters.

4. Melatonin is depleted by digital toxins. Replacement protects the brain from damage.

5. The introduction of 5G will have devastating effects on your health. These are super high-energy “millimeter” waves that are first absorbed by the skin. There are a multitude of essential functions performed by this organ; not the least of which is making crucial vitamins for your health. These must be replaced.

We are on the precipice of a health crisis. Digital Detox is first about limiting exposure to digital toxins and then reversing the effects. We must act now. For the first time in modern history, life expectancy in the U.S. is declining and has done so three years in a row. This, in part, has to do with the opioid crisis and skyrocketing suicide rates. Yet, digital toxins are one more exponentially expanding health threat. Since we cannot reasonably avoid digital toxins, we must proactively reverse the effects with Digital Detox.

Source: Dr. Steven Cangiano

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