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Toxicity in the Digital Age: Solving the Problem

Part Two: Digital Age Detoxification
by Dr. Steven Cangiano

Toxicity in the Digital Age: Solving the Problem

Digital Age Detoxification

The greatest leverage we have on our health and well-being is nutrition. This is the entry point for most people who want to make major shifts in their lives. Your relationship with food is typically the best place to start.  The understanding of how a constant excess of food is an evolutionary mismatch has spawned a new science of nutrition and healthy longevity. During evolution, we cycled through brief times of food abundance and long-term food scarcity. Based on this discovery, there is a mounting body of evidence that dramatically reducing and precisely titrating calories for a limited time (five days) can have dramatic and long-lasting benefits. This form of digital age detoxification marshals billions of years of evolution to revitalize the body at a cellular and organ level. Modern diets keep these pathways shut-off with excess protein, sugar, and saturated-fat-laden foods that make us sick, tired, and obese.

Toxic electrical energies and their direct cellular effects could soon become the major source of chronic disease. EMFs are a direct cellular toxin and require a two-pronged approach: limited exposure and digital detox. With one-quintillion times the background radiation, it is virtually impossible to eliminate exposure. This means that even healthy people will need a digital detox on a regular basis. EMFs cause significant oxidative stress and digital detox offers a proven way to protect, revitalize and rejuvenate the body on a cellular level. This process promotes fat loss and conserves bone and muscle mass while activating stem cells. This is the greatest health and longevity innovation of this generation.

Basics of the Digital Detox

Five days of precise nutrition and caloric intake creates a complete transformation of how your body functions on a cellular level. Sugar (glucose and glycogen) stores are depleted after 24-48 hours. Your body then burns belly fat for fuel (beta-oxidation/ketosis). This is a positive all by itself. However, inside the cells, we see the most important benefit. Without sugar and amino acids, cells turn “junk” into fuel. The cell becomes energized, stronger, cleaner, and healthier by consuming its own toxins. This is not science fiction. Yoshinuri Oshumi won the 2016 Nobel Prize for identifying this process. It has a fancy clinical name; autophagy.

In the final phase, days four and five, the body activates stem cells. Stem cells are how the body regenerates and repairs diseased tissue and organs, especially the immune system. The final phase is the refeeding and rebuilding. Cycling back to normal eating allows the stem cells to rebuild the organs. This is one of the greatest health and longevity breakthroughs in modern history. There is much more to a proper digital detox. Health is an ongoing journey. You can find all the tools you will need at Humanity Upgrade Digital Detox.

Mental and Emotional Detox

The digital age is mismatched on many levels and is creating unprecedented levels of stress, isolation, and chronic disease; shortening lifespan and decreasing healthspan. It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss the critical topics of mental and emotional digital detox. RD&T Media has a multitude of resources to help tackle these issues. Creating strong communities having an Expansion Mindset are the best first steps to doing this. We need a fundamentally different level of thinking to navigate our new reality. Expansion Mindset contains four fundamentally new ways of thinking. The following is a review of our resources and the four major components to expansion mindset (EM):

  1. Recreation Handbook: The fundamental goal of any life enhancement program should be to predictably and quantifiably improve your moment-to-moment quality of consciousness. Using the 10 daily recreations (TDR) of conscious awareness and a simple daily tracker, this goal is easily achieved.
  2. The Creative Process: Life is the creative process. The Creative Process Workbook offers a unique and accurate understanding of the conscious and unconscious creative process. This understanding, in turn, helps you understand the fundamentals of what controls behavior – this is powerful.
  3. The Ultimate Secret: This book clearly and accurately defines the new reality we are evolving into. The Ultimate Secret defines, for the first time ever, the governing law of life and redefines the physical and intellectual operating laws of life in this new context.
  4. Expansion Mindset: There are four fundamental aspects of expansion mindset. The concept of expansion mindset is based in the work regarding a fixed vs. a growth mindset. A fixed mindset was a survival feature during the slow process of evolution. It is now a bug.
Expansion mindset is the nontrivial progression of growth mindset:
  1. Transformational Intelligence (TQ) – this is the next important step from IQ and EQ.
  2. Consciousness Processing – the world of information is exploding. Fake news, information half-life, and the reproducibility crisis are just a few of the important topics you need to understand.
  3. The Wisdom of Uncertainty – learning to live with uncertainty is one of the most valuable skills required for thriving in the  21st century.       
  4. Intentional Transformation Technology – the change process follows a concept called complexity theory. Predictable change is a non-linear process that always includes certain benchmarks, with the key success factor being resonant relationship. Resonant relationship is the reason everyone serious about transformation needs a coach.

Moving Forward

We are in the midst of a health crisis. Digital detox is first about understanding the challenges and then limiting exposure to digital toxins, ultimately reversing the effects. We must act now. For the first time in modern history, life expectancy in the U.S. is declining and has done so three years in a row. The reasons are multifactorial, and we may never know the exact cause. We must confront these problems on every level as individuals, as a society and globally. Some toxins we can eliminate, some we can avoid, and some we must counteract and reverse.  Toxicity in the digital age is an exponentially expanding health threat. A Humanity Upgrade is essential to your overall wellness and vitality strategy.


This is Part Two of a two-part series. Find Part One here.

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